Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Storebought fake nails?

Just wondering if they are worth it, and if so what brands.

Thanks :)Storebought fake nails?
Kiss brand is by far the best store bought brand it is what I used to use all of the time before I grew my own nails out.

They stay on for almost two weeks if you do not use them to open things.

With an assortment of sizes in the kit you can find the right nails to match your own fingernail width before applying and then just apply a small amount of nail glue and press them firmly onto your nails and hold it in place for about 30 seconds and in about 10 minutes you have a very cute and eyecatching set of nails.

Plus they cost about $7.00 compared to the $25 you would pay to go to the salon to get them done.Storebought fake nails?
no they arent worth it, i would just spend $20 and go to a salon
my mom used them all the time but make sure u have good glue because the stickies they give sometimes suck
Just go to CVS or WalGreens they have all brands but I don't get those nails because theu btohered me I have acrilics that I go to the salon to touch up every 2 weeks.
I've tried different brands b/c I think paying to get your nails done is stupid. I found that Broadway nails is the best. It lasts about 2 weeks and it's $10, and there's 2 sets in each pack. So you're paying $5 a set of nails. Everytime I use them, I get so many compliments of how my nails look and people always ask where I get them done at. They are super glued on which isn't the best for your real nails but getting them done at a salon isn't any better.
kiss nails they work soo good they stay on as long as crilicc.
No they are not worth it. They look good for about uh 15 minutes at the most, then one pops off and your sitting their all red in the face or scrambling around trying to find your glue that your probably left at home. Get it done at a salon or grow your own. Just get a manicure on your natural nails, they'll look great. (even if there short)
I like nails. They ar every beautiful. I don`t know what brands, but just buy some that you think are pretty!

Good luck and PeaCE!
Honestly, I hate them all. They ALL look bad. If you want nice nails, i would suggest using a strengthener, let them grow, file them nicely to suit your hands and then colour them.
No dey aren't worth it.Dey r so fake %26amp; look horrible.it's better if u grow ur own nails.
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