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Fake Nails and Green?

I have been wearing fake nails for a long time. Whenever I take them off, my real nails are green and have indentations/ridges in them. What can I do to get rid of the green color and the ridges?Fake Nails and Green?
The green is a fungus. You must remove the fungus before continuing to wear the nails or run the risk of losing a nail eventually. Soak the nail in vinegar and softly file the fungus (which will raise) off until 100% is removed. A day of sunlight does the nailbed good, if you can stand being without nails.

It is difficult, but wearing nails comes with responsibility.

Do it right. You will be glad you did.

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If it's badly enbedded, it make require a 45-minute soak.

But it's worth it!


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The green is what's left of a healing bruise. When you wear fake nails, you bang them around and it presses against your natural nail bed. This causes bruising, even though it probably doesn't hurt when it happens, so you don't even notice. As for the ridges, do you have your nails professionally done? If so, they are grinding the natural nail unevenly and it's growing back that way. It takes a LONG time for it to get smooth again. The same thing happened to me and I finally found a good nail place and they explained the ridges that way.
you get moisture under the false nail.. you need to see a professional next time.. (read up on that)

the best you can do is keep the nails clean and allow them to grow out.

this is not an usual event.. this is very common.. what you have they call:


indentations are natural also through the moisture and filing of the nail.
It might be a fungus of some type. Fake nails can be very hard on nails and not healthy. Go to the doctor and have it checked out. Good Luck. %26lt;%26gt;%26lt;
There isn't a whole lot you can do about the color. You just have to let it grow out and keep your nails painted. As for the ridges, you can file down the tops of you nails to get rid of them. Just be careful not to file to much as you nails aren't a thick as they should be. The fake nails pull of a few layers of you nail and it can be really painful if you file into your nail bed.

If neither works for you then you may be having an allergic reaction to the fake nails or the glue. Check with a doctor or the people you got the nails from to see of they can help you.

Good luck.
for the ridges u need to file and buff them, as for the green color, is it fungus or just a tint from waering dark colors? maybe go to the dr. to see if its fungus. goodluck.
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